Friday, October 30, 2009

Robert Wagner

Second District vote for one.

See questionnaire here.

1. Sidewalks
This is a public safety issue. When the sidewalks aren’t shoveled, many times people choose to walk on the street instead. I recall having to do this many times and it’s definitely unsafe. Homeowners should be held accountable for their sidewalks. Better enforcement by the city is needed. I would suggest that the city’s public safety sector takes on a greater role in ensuring our sidewalks are accessible.
2. Recycling laws, overflowing garbage containers
We must ensure that every homeowner has adequate recycling services set in place. Provide greater enforcement of the city’s regulations in regards to the recycling laws.
3. Skunks, birds and animal control
We share the Earth with many creatures. If a homeowner has problems with critters, I believe they, not city government, should take it into their own hands to remedy the situation.
4. Sale of small liquor bottles and single cigarettes
Addictions are unfortunate, but the sale of alcohol and cigarettes is not illegal.
5. Dealing with less state support
Fiscal discipline by prioritizing our city’s services. Eliminating irresponsible spending which in the end affects the taxpayers. NO MORE HIKING UP OF THE TAX LEVIES. We must ensure all our city services are still met, but with greater accountability and a tightening of the belt on many aspects of city spending.
6. Economic development in Central and East Hillside and Lincoln Park
The city must broaden its purpose by providing better services and assistance in order to promote job growth. A focus on promoting job growth while fostering new and existing businesses by aiming to be a city that is more ‘business friendly’ will help to ensure long term stability. It is time to make businesses want to come here, not leave here. In these rough economic times, the city needs to be innovative in our approach. There also needs to be a better collaborative effort between DEDA, the Chamber, APEX and the council/administration. I think the city also should have a greater focus on tourism and entertainment.