Friday, October 30, 2009

Duluth making progress one street at a time

For The Hillsider by Pakou Ly
City of Duluth

As you travel from one end of the city to the other, you have probably noticed the yellow and black signs titled “” These signs are not just simply advertisements; they are indicators of the City of Duluth making progress with street projects. Whether you drive, bike, run, walk, or have another mode of transport, you can appreciate not feeling the thumps and bumps of poor street conditions.

With 472 miles of roads to maintain, the City plans to tackle 15 to 20 miles each year with an aggressive Street Strategy. The Strategy aims to improve streets by utilizing innovative techniques at the lowest possible cost. Pothole repair, mill and overlay, and concrete over the past 30 years and appreciates that his tax dollars are going towards improving city streets.
Street conditions also affect non-drivers. Bicyclist Luke Morovec finds it hard to navigate around the city when he has to dodge potholes. Luke appreciates the work being done to improve streets and feels there should be more incentives for people to bike. Fixing streets and eliminating potholes is a good start.

Before the winter season, the City of Duluth street engineering staff plans to finish overlays for Cody Street, Superior Street (between Garfield and 40th Avenue West) and Kenwood Avenue by November 1. For those making their way into downtown, you already know about the work on Second Street which is now open to traffic. Woodland Avenue will be drivable by November 1 and the St. Louis River Road repair started this week.

Residents can find more details on street projects by visiting the City of Duluth’s “duluthprogress” webpage at where you can access a map of the projects with photos, progress updates, and expected completion dates. The map also indicates projects managed by the City of Duluth, St. Louis County, or the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
Pakou Ly is a Public Information Coordinator for the City of Duluth.