Friday, October 30, 2009

Patrick Boyle

Second District vote for one.

See questionnaire here.

1. Sidewalks
There is a city ordinance to keep your sidewalks cleared of snow. If residents are encountering pathways that are blocked with snow, it should be brought to the attention of the police.
2. Recycling laws, overflowing garbage containers
A public service announcement-type campaign may be helpful in this situation. As you mentioned, many residents may be unaware of how easy it is to recycle and keep our city streets clean. Also, teaching children in the classroom the importance and ease of recycling will, in turn, help adults do the right thing.
3. Skunks, birds, and animal control
I think addressing the question posed by #2 will directly help this issue as well.
4. Sale of small liquor bottles and single cigarettes
I’m proud of Duluth to be one of the first cities in Minnesota to go smoke-free in the workplace. However, it is still legal to purchase cigarettes and alcohol and in a free-market system, the seller has the right to set his or her price. Any sort of price-controls should be made at the state level.
5. Dealing with less state support
At the present time, we have a governor who is cutting local government aid significantly, instead of taking responsibility for the state’s budget shortfall himself. Local government aid is a significant part of our city’s budget. We need to lobby state officials, including the new governor that we need to restore our level of aid in Duluth. An example of this is continuing “Duluth Days” at the state capitol where community groups can educate these officials on the importance of local government aid and how it directly affects the citizens of Duluth.
6. Economic development in Central and East Hillside and Lincoln Park
The administration is currently proposing rezoning for the entire city, something which has not been done for decades. With the help of local community groups, this will help map out our neighborhoods’ economic futures. I am also encouraged with the more user-friendly approach at City Hall regarding permits and coding for businesses. This will all add up to a more business-friendly attitude for the city.