Friday, October 30, 2009

Laura Condon

District Four school board candidate answers The Hillsider questionnaire (vote for one)

See questionnaire here

1. Most important responsibility
The most important is fiscal responsibility, because nothing can be done, if there is no money to do it.
2. Nutritional health
I think it is very important and our program works as hard as possible to present good nutritional meals on a daily basis.
3. Red Plan and soothing divides
I support the “Red Plan” and will continue to work with people to the best of my ability. I hope that people will give the plan an opportunity and not vote for members based on whether they got to vote or not.
4. Federal No Child Left Behind Act.
It holds us accountable, but not necessarily in the correct way. I think we could test ourselves and it would be less expensive and we could target our own areas of concern.
5. Weapons policy/small pocketknives?
No, because this issue is law and we need to comply. Also, it is an issue of what is small to me may not be to someone else.
6. Role of U.S. Constitution
I do not find the Constitution in the decisions as much as state and federal law. We swear an oath to follow them, and if we do not, we will not be funded and our students will suffer for that.
7. Class size
We constantly struggle with class size. Hopefully, we will have more money available once the buildings are done and we do not have to spend as much on the facilities we have.