Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Hillsider distribution spots have been filled

What a wet, rainy day. It seems like it always rains on distribution days.
Well, the majority of the Hillsiders have been distributed. Scott usually does the downtown area so I am not sure if he was able to get to them today because of the rain. I know that he was going to take them to the crime prevention meeting tonight which was located at the Holy Family Church in Lincoln Park.

Here are the areas that Prof. Cricket and I distributed to today:

Grant School
Nettleton School

East Hillside:
Burrito Union
Chester Creek Laundry
Maytag Laundry
Member Cooperative Credit Union
Whole Foods Co-op
Uncle Loui's
Damiano Center

Lake Superior College
Salvation Army Community Center
Goodwill employees lounge
Lincoln Park Boys and Girls Club
Lincoln Park Community Club
Midtown I lobby
Midtown II fourth floor

DeWitt-Setiz Building
Amazing Grace

London Rd.
Burger King

Mt. Royal
Mt. Royal Groceries
Mt. Royal Library