Thursday, October 01, 2009

Letter: Primary turnout low, public should learn more about school board

I’m really disappointed by voter turnout for the primary election and hope that it gets better for the general election. The school board has four seats open and with so many complaining about the red plan and not getting a vote this is OUR vote. We need to tell them to not only start listening to the people but to start thinking of the kids. I don’t know what the school board was thinking when they made their decisions but it wasn’t our children!

If you have kids in school go check out your child’s classes and see how many books there are per grade, per subject. Could grades be slipping because there aren’t enough books for all the kids so they can’t take them home to study? Shouldn’t that be more a priority?

I get closing a school or two but I think they jumped the gun A LOT. Now there are kids going to school in pods and other kids going way out to Morgan Park that it is faster to take a city bus up to Proctor School. Oh yea, and Proctor actually has school supplies.

I find it funny how some organizations like our daily paper and some unions endorse certain people as the best candidate. Is that because the candidate will do what the organization wants or how do they endorse them I wonder? If people really want change in the school board they need to get off their butts and vote out the incumbents ‘cause we all should know the vote count. If they really want to do more they can contact someone who is running and offer to help door knock for them. This isn’t anti-red plan. I just want the school board to realize I am serious and they should be too. It’s time they start thinking of our children first.
By Jennifer Yeazle