Friday, October 02, 2009

Lincoln Park Neighborhood Hero Mark Howard

By Debbie Isabel Nelson, on behalf of Lincoln Park Neighborhood

From picking garbage off our streets to fighting crime, Mark Howard’s activities quietly, sometimes anonymously, improve our Lincoln Park neighborhood. He has provided food for the less fortunate among us, assisted neighborhood youth and elderly and worked tirelessly to promote a welcoming atmosphere in Lincoln Park. He considers himself to be an ordinary citizen (which he is), but manages to do extraordinary things. Mark is a person of integrity and conviction who truly loves his community, is determined to improve the lives of his neighbors and is an example for all.

Mark recently founded the Cork Town 3C’s, an organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life for citizens in Lincoln Park. He has spearheaded programs to support our neighborhood youth in positive activities and responsible citizenship, improve the streetscape and promote economic development. He was nominated for a Carnegie Foundation Hero Award for his bravery in rescuing five people from a burning building last year. As a retired member of the Navy, Mark received numerous military honors and received a Citizenship Award by the Twin Ports chapter of the International Shipmasters.