Friday, October 30, 2009

James Stauber

At-Large candidate (vote for two)

See the questionnaire here.

1. Sidewalks
Last year I raised the issue on more than one occasion with our city administrator. Some actions were taken, including the city removing the snow and charging the homeowner. We also were more proactive to ensure our snowplow operators notified public works when they were responsible for dumping snow on city sidewalks. We (the City) are to clean those.
2. Recycling laws, overflowing garbage containers
Education, engineering and enforcement are the options. I think better community education is the step we should take first, explaining the value, the need and the requirements to do this.
3. Skunks, birds and animal control
Animal control is grossly understaffed and I have a resolution regarding animal registration that in part will help fund that department. At that time we can consider expanding their role to help deal with these issues.
4. Sale of small liquor bottles and single cigarettes
I wouldn’t try to address changing the laws of supply and demand, but focus more on why some of our citizens may be desperate. A solid tax base along with revenue generating businesses and jobs has been my focus to help alleviate many of these problems.
5. Dealing with less state support
As with personal expenses, we need to become more efficient and focus on core services. We also need to expand our tax base, not increase taxes. With a $3,000,000 overtime budget, there is plenty of opportunity to reduce our costs.
6. Economic development in Central and East Hillside and Lincoln Park
Businesses locate and expand in areas where their business can do well. This is often in areas where taxes, fees and regulations allow them to capitalize on the free market. Our city needs to recognize this and make decisions that help businesses grow rather than penalize them.