Friday, October 30, 2009

Maureen Booth

At Large school board candidate answers The Hillsider questionnaire (vote for two)

See questionnaire here

1. Most important responsibility
A school board member must represent the views of the community regarding educational excellence for all students regardless of race, economic status or location. He or she must have the interest of each child’s progress and hold the supervisors responsible to achieve this goal.
2. Nutritional health
Healthy food choices should be the second necessity for good learning practices. A student who is ill fed or ill housed cannot learn at the peak of his or her potential. Extra fat or sugar should be avoided – fresh fruits and vegetables should be encouraged at every meal. Soda machines should be banned from schools and homes.
3. Red Plan and soothing divides
The “Red Plan” was the biggest “hoax” pulled on the city. People were “chosen” and the process was flawed. Thousands of hours were wasted on a flawed process which provided a bad outcome not a wise one. Some voices were left out and others were denied the right to vote. The cost is over $ 400 million. A less expensive plan could have been adopted to lessen the burden on taxpayers. The establishment of Grant/Nettleton as a school of over 45 percent students of color is abominable and does not provide for education excellence. Segregated schools should be prohibited.
I will work to encourage people to dialogue (with civility) and respect for other views and encourage groups to talk to heal this community. After 23 years of community work, I have never seen an issue which has pitched neighbor versus neighbor.
4. Federal No Child Left Behind Act
No Child Left Behind was an unfounded mandate which did not result in low-income or student of color to advance. Teaching to the test doesn’t advance students learning.
5. No weapon of any kind should be allowed in schools.
7. Smaller class sizes are critical to good educational practices – mandate supervisors to change class assignments to smaller groups.