Friday, October 30, 2009

City council candidates answer The Hillsider Questionnaire

Questions for the Duluth City Council candidates:
1. Duluth has a program named Fit City Duluth which encourages people to get out and walk. Yet, in the winter many Duluthians do not shovel their sidewalks which makes it very difficult for able-bodied people, much less those with disabilities, to walk. How do you intend to address this issue?
2. A quick walk on foot through our core-neighborhoods will show that many of our residents are unaware or are apathetic of our recycling laws. Garbage containers and dumpsters overflow with recyclable materials in the regular garbage containers which in turn leaves little room for more garbage and garbage flows into the alleys and sidewalk. This is demoralizing for the residents and attracts skunks and birds. How do you intend to remedy this problem?
3. Our city has no policy to help its residents deal with skunks, birds or other troublesome animals. What are your thoughts on this?
4. Some of our liquor stores sell little liquor bottles for only a couple of dollars or single cigarettes for a few cents. We know this just plays off the most desperate members of our population. Is there anything that Duluth as a city could do about this?
5. We are receiving less support from the state government. How will you help Duluth deal with that financial crunch?
6.What will you do to enhance economic development for people living in Central and East Hillside and Lincoln Park neighborhoods?