Thursday, October 08, 2009

The natural step for businesses

Glenwood Signs and Awards is just one of the Early Adopters with Sustainable Twin Ports.

Sustainable Twin Ports is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering economic, environmental and social sustainability in the Twin Ports and western Lake Superior region through education, networking and action.

An “Early Adopter” implements innovative technologies ahead of the majority. This Early Adopter
Project was focused on training businesses, organizations and municipalities in environmentally,
economically and socially sustainable practices based on the ‘4 Principles of Sustainability’ developed by The Natural Step.

Using The Natural Step framework, a science-based, systems framework for making sustainable
decisions in a strategic way, our educational offerings range from introductory to in-depth, creating many opportunities for the community to get involved in ‘creating a sustainable Twin Ports’.

Learn more about Sustainable Twin Ports at our website and view the documentary vignettes of our Early Adopter Project participants - the first to be formally trained in The Natural Step by Sustainable Twin Ports.

Funding for the Early Adopter Project was provided by the A. H. Zeppa Family Foundation, the
Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation’s Fund for the Environment and Wildey H. Mitchell Family Fund, and the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Early Adopter Project Participants:

Challenge Center

City of Duluth

Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce

Duluth Grill

DSA Community Foundation

Duluth Transit Authority

Glenwood Signs & Awards

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Inn on Lake Superior

London Road Car Wash

Superior Public Schools

Twin Ports Testing

UW- Superior

Funded by:
A. H. Zeppa Family Foundation

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

University of Wisconsin-Superior

Early Adopter Project Steering Committee: Chani Becker, Bob Browne, Janet Draper, Deb Hannu, Jerry Hembd, Jan Karon, Jeff Maida

Early Adopter Project Coordinator: Tracy Meisterheim