Friday, October 02, 2009

Central Hillside Neighborhood Hero Scott Yeazle

By Brendan Hanschen, on behalf of Central Hillside Community Club

One of the leaders in a new generation of community activists, Scott Yeazle is involved with enough organizations, committees, and commissions to make the average person’s head spin.
Scott serves on the Duluth Human Rights Commission, Neighborhood Housing Services Board of Directors and the Affordable Housing Coalition. He is the vice president of the Hillsider Newspaper board of directors, chairman of the Twin Ports Action Coalition, coordinator of the Central Hillside Food SHARE distribution site, and treasurer of the Central Hillside Community Club.

After growing up in Superior, Wisconsin, Scott was hired by the Salvation Army and stationed in Spring Valley, NY. While in Spring Valley, Scott developed his passion for lending a helping hand to those around him. He was quickly recruited to be the youngest member of the Ministry Team at only 18 years old, and served in Michigan and Indiana. He and his young family returned to the Twin Ports, settling in Central Hillside.

Scott’s kindness and friendly demeanor have made him a staple in the community. He is known for helping anyone, wherever and however he can. He is able to relate to people from all walks of life, and enjoys doing it. He is a “phone book of resources,” as his fellow members of the Twin Ports Action Coalition like to say. He readily musters volunteers for community projects and never balks at taking on another project; in fact, he relishes it, and still finds time for his wife and son. Through his hard work across the Hillside, Scott is indeed affecting positive change.