Friday, October 30, 2009

Dan Hartman

At-Large candidate (vote for two)

See the questionnaire here.

1. Sidewalks
As a resident and avid walker in the hillside this is an issue in our neighborhood and the city needs to better communicate that there is an ordinance against not shoveling your sidewalk. If more people knew this, maybe we would see better results. Also, there is a walk-ability study being conducted in the hillside and I would be very interested in their feedback on this issue.
2. Recycling laws, overflowing garbage containers
If you have ever picked up trash in the hillside you know the nearest trash receptacle is not always close and usually it’s full. We need to figure out how to get more trash receptacles around our neighborhood to hopefully reduce the amount of trash and to have them emptied more often. As someone who has helped with a hillside cleanup or two I know how real this problem is. Also, I would support any awareness campaign to help get residents to better maintain their own trash and recycling receptacles.
3. Skunks, birds and animal control
One of the most important roles of a city councilor is to direct people to talk to whom they need to talk to. In this situation if a resident is having a problem with a troublesome animal I would advise them to talk to the DNR and other local authorities who can help with the problem.
4. Sale of small liquor bottles and single cigarettes
I would encourage the formation of a group of citizens and elected officials to begin a dialogue on this issue. As a city councilor I would actively help to organize this group and if needed be a part of it.
5. Dealing with less state support
First, we need to do a better job informing our citizens how important local government aid is to financial health of the city; that way in future statewide elections it will be more of an issue to residents. Second, let’s see if there are any other creative solutions out there in other communities and if so, let’s use them. Now is a time to be pragmatic.
6. Economic development in Central and East Hillside and Lincoln Park
I am excited by the tremendous growth potential in both neighborhoods. I can see both becoming the new cultural and commercial centers of Duluth. Why? Because both already have grassroots community movements to make them just that. In the Hillside there are already new exciting places such as the Burrito Union, Whole Foods Co-op, and the new storefronts on 4th and 5th look great.
In Lincoln Park I am excited by the Venue at Mohaupt Block and Howard’s Fish House, which is the last local commercial fisherman in Duluth. We need to support these efforts and do a better job promoting them as a city, but also we need to make it easier for them to grow and for other small businesses to start in our neighborhoods.