Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Naomi’s Notes, autumn is in the air

The October is almost ready to be printed. Tomorrow is the big day.

It took forever for summer to arrive, then it came in September when most of us thought it was time for autumn. But the other night I had to get my winter pajamas out, so I think another season has come. Take time to enjoy our colorful fall weather with crisp, cool nights and the bright sunshine shining on the boats on Lake Superior.
Duluth is a beautiful city with many distinct neighborhoods. On the last Saturday in September Duluth LISC and the At Home in Duluth Collaborative sponsored the “Connecting the Dots” event.

It was a time to learn about agencies and businesses that are working to make Duluth sustainable, viable community.

Five core communities have been identified as neighborhoods to be revitalized: East Hillside, Central Hillside, Lincoln Park, West Duluth and Morgan Park. See pages 8 and 9 to read about the “heroes” of these neighborhoods.

Autumn is also a time of craft shows and church dinners, check out our ads and calendar on page 14 to see when and where they are.
Remember, get outside and enjoy the weather. Duluth is a beautiful city and a nice walk outside among our historic buildings and natural beauty will convince you that revitalizing our city is a great idea.