Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fourth District “The Hillsider” candidate statements - Matt Potter

Main Issues
The City of Duluth has several main issues. The first for me and one I feel very strongly about is community development with our Parks and Recreation department. The city has abandoned this service and left communities to fend for themselves. We need positive environments for the future of Duluth in all our communities. I will bring back the Parks and Recreation department.
Roads and Infrastructure is another main issue. Our roads are a direct representation of how we take care of our city, and right now it is an embarrassment. We need to fix our roads and bring in business to our empty buildings.
Economic growth is another issues that the city needs to focus more energy on. We have great opportunities in Duluth, but there is so much red tape and bureaucracy along with taxes that are much to high for any average Duluthian to stay in business or to open a new business in Duluth. We need the city to work with small business owners, not against them.
I feel that we have to fix the foundation of our city. Without a strong foundation to build on our city will continue to crumble. It’s time for “Common Sense and Priorities”.
Personal Background
I have been involved in the community for many years. I served as a Program Coordinator for the Valley Youth Center, Board member of Irving Recreation and Events Association, Criminal Justice Association, Spirit Valley Lions Club, Vice-President of Duluth Table Tennis, and Head Coach of West Duluth Football Association. My family owns and operates the Hillside ICO where I have served as the General Manager for the past 4 years. I also have a degree in Political Science and have worked as a Political Consultant, giving me an inside look at how politics work.
I have an invested interest in seeing this beautiful city survive and prosper. I am married and have an eight-year-old son who will grow up and hopefully raise a family of his own here one day. We need to think about our future and not just about the here and now. I hope to have your support this September and November.