Sunday, September 06, 2009

Groups gather on footbridge over I-35 to hold signs in support of health care reform

By Scott Yeazle
Rally signs for health care went up on a pedestrian overpass along Interstate 35 and cars started honking their horns. Most people in the cars speeding along were in support, but some didn’t care for the cause.

Twin Ports Action Coalition along with the MN Citizens Federation hosted this rally on Sat., August 8. Around 20 people representing many different organizations attended the event named “Bridging the Gap.” A walk across the Bong Bridge was planned, but the weather was too wet and foggy so the group went to the footbridge overpass.

The rally was organized because of a true need in Minnesota and the United States. Our nation is 37th on the World Health Organizations ranking of Health Care systems. France is number one, followed by Italy. The rally was supportive of the current health care reform debate in congress.
One of the rally participants, Kimberly Dansereau, said, “The rally was a way to bring about awareness of the inadequate amount of affordable health care and the need for a universal system that is beneficial to all citizens. This is important because no health care will most assuredly become a life-altering event for everyone, and not for the better.”

Along with the national congressional debate, Minnesota also has a bill called the Minnesota Health Care Plan written by State Senator John Marty. This bill would cover every person in Minnesota and is coauthored by many legislators including Representative Roger Reinert and State Senator Prettner Solon.

Currently momentum for affordable health care in the United States is building. Affordable Health Care would make sure that it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to go to the doctor. This rally was one step forward in the fight