Sunday, September 06, 2009

At-Large Hillsider Candidate statements for city council: Dan Hartman

Main Issues
“The issues I hear most about and that top my campaign priorities are streets, jobs, neighborhood revitalization, and the environment.
It’s not easy today, but we need to do a better job repairing our streets.
We must also make it easy for businesses to make Duluth their home. We can do this by improving our permit process and developing a consistent development standard.
We also can improve Duluth’s quality of life by completing and better promoting our neighborhood revitalization plans which exist in Morgan Park, Spirit Valley, Lincoln Park/West End, Central Hillside and East Hillside. These plans were put together by the community members themselves and represent what is so great about Duluth, its community spirit.
Most Duluthians love being here because of the lake and our great park system. Let’s do a better job of protecting it, but also promoting it. There are some great trails, but many don’t know they exist.”
Personal background
I came to Duluth to attend college, and I knew immediately I wanted to make it my home. My wife, Liz, and I live on the East Hillside, and we love our close-knit neighborhood.
My passion for strengthening our neighborhoods is not something I have and will be talking about. It is something I am doing. I currently serve as the board chair for Neighborhood Housing Services where we are working on improving our community one block at a time. As your city councilor I will continue to work to improve our neighborhoods by working with you.