Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fourth District “The Hillsider” candidate statements - Kerry Gauthier

Main Issues
I am the DFL endorsed candidate for the fourth district. I believe we deserve a councilor who will represent all the people of the district. As I have door knocked throughout the district people tell me they want a councilor that will be sensitive to the needs of the district and the city
During these difficult economic times it is important to have responsible management of city finances to provide the resources we need to build viable strong neighborhoods. We must fix our streets and I support the mayor’s plan to do so.
We must also be wise stewards of city finances to insure we have all the services we need. We must protect fire and police services. Nothing is more fundamental to our neighborhoods and I will support public safety special levies.
During these hard economic hard times, I support utilizing the Community Investment Trust Fund to provide for core services.
It is time to renew our commitment to our young people. We can begin by restoring summer youth programs in the city.
Personal Background
I am a native Duluthian and have lived in Lincoln Park for sixteen years and reside next to the house where my grandparents lived. I am currently in my eighteenth year as the director of rehabilitation services for Mash-ka-wisen Treatment Center and Thunderbird/Wren Halfway House. I am a graduate of Saint Scholastica.
I have been very active in the DFL Party for 35 years. I have served as the 8th Congressional District Chair and the Minnesota DFL Treasurer.
I served on the Duluth Human Rights Commission from 2002 to 2006. I also have served on the board of directors for the Valley Youth Center and the Good Fellowship Club. I also helped coordinate the Project Share Food Drive.