Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fourth and Second District candidates participate in Progressive Action's forum

Matt Potter - Fourth District, Robert Wagner - Second District, Kerry Gauthier - Fourth District.
Patrick Boyle - Second District, Celia Scheer - Fourth District and Heath Hickok - Fourth District.

After the At-Large candidates spoke it was the Second and Fourth District candidates' turn to speak. Candidates running for Second District are: Rob Wagner and Patrick Boyle. Candidates for the Fourth District are: Kerry Gauthier, Gordon Grant, Heath Hickok, Matt Potter, and Celia Scheer. Gordon Grant was unable to attend.

Well, here it is already Thursday morning. I will just write this a fast as possible and sum up what I thought were differences.

Heath Hickok: Many candidates say that Duluth is not business friendly, but Heath Hickok says he thinks that it is business friendly. Also in Heath's name there is not a second "c". He says his name is like "Wild Bill." As executive director of the Lincoln Park Business Group he has been successful in helping see Superior Street get resurfaced.

Celia Scheer: spoke about being careful when cutting the budget or rearranging how we pay for things because of "unintended consequences". She spoke of Austrian School of Economic. Click here to see the Wikipedia entry.

Matt Potter:
First we need to fix the roads. Youth recreational programs are important.

Robert Wagner:
Against a Dinkytown plan for Duluth. Says college students are given a bad rap and contribute greatly to Duluth's economy and should be able to live wherever they want.

Patrick Boyle:
Decided to run for city council when he went to the Mt. Royal Library with his daughter and it was closed. Says college and transitional housing has a huge impact on neighborhoods and is glad UMD has stepped up to the plate to crack down on repeat offenders of loud parties. He says Duluth needs a 40 to 50 year plan for how to incorporate the college students. Something like a Dinkytown idea would be good.

Political Role Models:

Patrick Boyle: Willard Munger, Paul Wellstone - because he never sat on the fence, and his own dad - Frank Boyle.

Ceila Scheer: Thomas Jefferson because he was for the people. Also Andrew Jackson because he didn't bail out the banks. He doesn't have "president" on his tombstone, he has "I broke the banks."

Kerry Gauthier: Franklin Deleno Roosevelt, Paul Wellstone...thought we had too much trickle down theory, and Willard Munger.

Robert Wagner: Abe Lincoln for ending slavery, taking unpopular stand, and preserving through tough times. George Washington for being the father of our country and Al Franken because he is hilarious.


Heath Hickok

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Matt Potter

Robert Wagner

Patrick Boyle

Gordon Grant

Well folks I am sorry if I missed important issues or statements from these candidates. There was a lot to cover. If you were there, listened live ( or later), or if you are a candidate please feel free to add to the comment section.

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