Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fourth District “The Hillsider” candidate statements - Heath Hickok

Main Issues

I intend to make a difference in our community. I want to offer my experience in economic development and my passion for community organizing to help build a better tomorrow. My top priorities are job creation, infrastructure improvements, public safety, and parks and recreation.
Business development is an important component of creating new jobs. Let’s build a better tomorrow by proactively promoting the benefits of doing business in Duluth. We need to retain our existing businesses and help them expand while assisting new business developments. This strategy will create more jobs and increase our tax base.

If we are to build a better tomorrow; our streets, sidewalks, bridges, and bike trails all need to be improved. Duluth’s infrastructure needs more attention.

Crime is an issue throughout Duluth and needs to be addressed comprehensively. I will work with the Duluth police and fire departments to address our public safety needs.

Let’s build a better tomorrow by providing the Parks and Recreation Department with enough resources. We should collaborate with residents to keep these community assets here for future generations to enjoy. Duluth’s parks, playgrounds, and community centers add to the quality of life for our residents and should be a top priority.

Personal background

I was raised in Lincoln Park and attended Lincoln Elementary. I graduated from Denfeld in 1994. I studied advertising and political science at SCSU and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications.

I lived in Minneapolis and worked as a Marketing Manager. I then attended the Graduate School of Communicating Arts at UWS. I was also the Marketing Manager at the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.

I was hired by the LPBG in 2007 and have enjoyed being the Executive Director since.
I recently obtained a Mini-Masters in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas and am currently pursuing a Certificate in Non-Profit Management through UWS.