Sunday, September 06, 2009

At-Large Hillsider Candidate statements for city council: Jim Stauber

Main Issues
The key issues for Duluth in 2010 – 2014 will include the budget. The tax, borrow and spend politics of yesterday has been detrimental to our city. We owe over $155,000,000 for past projects and owe $300,000,000 in unfunded retiree costs. We now feel this terrible burden from past decision makers and should focus on “pay as you go.” Less government would be okay.
Becoming more “business friendly” will be critical to Duluth if we hope to expand the tax base and bring new employment opportunities to our citizens. Government plays a critical role in establishing business rules such as zoning and permitting and can play a key role in encouraging local businesses to be retained, expand or to bring new business to our city.
The safety, beauty and functionality of our neighborhoods needs to continue to be addressed. Blight, crime, neighborhood schools, community centers, parks, etc. All should be a priority. Cops in the community, streets you can drive on, parks and playgrounds close will all enhance Duluth as a place to live.
Personal Background
I am the only incumbent councilor running for reelection. I have been on the council 8 years.
I was elected Council President in 2004, four times as DEDA President and Chair of the City Finance Committee. I serve on the Boards of Animal Allies and the Northland Red Cross. I am a Mayo Clinic Medical Transportation employee, retired from the Minnesota Air National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel in January 2001 and a faculty instructor for UMD since 1986 in the Masters of Environmental Health and Safety Program.
Please see Jim’s web site at for additional information.