Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Second District “The Hillsider” candidate statements - Robert Wagner

Main issues

1.) We need a city government that will be responsible and resourceful in the spending of the city's budget while still insuring all city services are still met, and without the need to continuously raise the tax levy. City government needs to have some sort of accountability when it comes to spending. An adjustment of funds to where the money is truly needed and ending irresponsible spending on the backs of the taxpayers.
2.) Jobs. The city must broaden it’s purpose by providing better services and assistance in order to promote job growth. A focus on promoting job growth while fostering new and existing businesses by aiming to be a city that is more 'business friendly'. These jobs will reflect retaining population, in turn strengthening our tax base.
These are the 2 fundamental issues that will have a direct effect on many other issues our city faces, including funding city services, city infrastructure, retiree health care issue, etc.

Personal Background

I have a diverse background. From growing up on the family farm, to holding positions in construction, sales, railroad labor, information technology, the arts and entertainment industry, and currently the health care industry. I feel this diversity will lend some insight into what really matters to the people.
I realize that the role of a Councilor is to listen, and then to reflect the pursuit of the people. As your District 2 City Councilor, I vow to dig deep into the issues that are presented to me. Any proposals or decisions I make will be informed ones. Going the extra mile to look at all sides of the issues, and from all perspectives.