Thursday, October 27, 2016

State Representative District 7B - Cody Barringer

Cody Barringer
As a flight instructor at Lake Superior College, I work relentlessly to be good at what I do. My job requires me to be an excellent teacher and professional pilot at the same time. I will bring that same tenacity and attention to detail to work tirelessly for you in the Minnesota legislature.
The future I envision for the next generation is characterized by freedom. Freedom comes through honest, open politics. Freedom comes in the form of a healthy economy, common sense environmental regulations, and low taxes. Freedom means parents get a say in their children’s education. Freedom comes when people of different belief systems coexist without any one group accosting another. Freedom comes by honoring the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Freedom comes in the form of limited, responsible government and healthy family values.
 My opponents will complain – we can’t have freedom, we must limit and control gun ownership. We can’t let parents choose how their children are educated, the government must control public schooling. We can’t have free speech, it could be used to discriminate. We can’t let businesses be run to make a profit, we must legislate feel-good social policies. We can’t allow Minnesotans to keep their hard-earned money; politicians and their cronies need it. We can’t allow a free market to fight it out; government should pick the winners and losers. We can’t let doctors and patients, parents, teachers, and children have the final say, government knows best! My friends, more government is not the solution.
As your representative, I want to implement sound policies that will lift the regional economy off the ground. When you go to vote you will be putting yourself in the pilot’s seat and securing Minnesota’s greatness for the next generation!