Thursday, October 27, 2016

St. Louis County Commissioner - District 3 - Beth Olson

Beth Olson
I grew up one of six children. My dad was a union bricklayer and my mom a homemaker until becoming a speech pathologist. In a big family, I learned early about hard work and getting along with people to reach common goals. Those simple values continue to guide me in my work, life, community and family. I am running for county commissioner because I love my home in West Duluth, my community of so many distinct and beautiful neighborhoods and because it is these simple values that will make progress for us all. I have proven my ability to deliver effective services on a tight budget and develop solutions to community problems as the Executive Director of First Witness Child Advocacy Center and a long time community advocate. I have seen from many perspectives how the county works; the good it can do for people and the harm it can cause when mismanaged. I have positive relationships with elected officials and a track record of building successful collaborations. I choose not to polarize people and ideas, but instead find common ground. I listen because the best ideas come from listening to others. I advocate because every single one of our neighbors needs a chance to have their voice heard. The west side can no longer be left behind. Those simple values I learned? They work.

Please go to to learn more about me. Throughout my campaign, I have invited people to ask me questions and share ideas. The conversations I have had with you at your doors have helped shape my opinions on county matters. If elected as your county commissioner I will be present, be responsive, listen, and work hard on the issues that affect your lives the most. I ask for your vote on November 8.