Wednesday, October 26, 2016

State Representative District 7A - Dylan Raddant

Hello, I am Dylan Raddant, the GOP candidate for District 7A State Representative.  I am not satisfied with numerous facets of our legislation; and I seek to bring a fresh face to the candidacy.  Although my current position as an Overnight PCA brings relative inexperience to the political table, I have a couple of brief ideas appropriate to share for this new piece.
 One idea I have is to force legislators to be banned from sneaking in pork-spending bills towards the end of a session that leads into conflict. Bills would have to be proposed before a certain period so that the remaining time could be focused on debate.
Another would offer scholarships to students at public Minnesota colleges whom come up with a more effective way to engineer the ineffective MNSure website that has cost Minnesota taxpayers over $300 million. Taxpayers would be more willing to spend $20 million on working software over $300 million on one that will not.
Another offer is to offer property tax incentives to startup companies that offer their services in East Duluth – provided said company stays in Duluth for a certain period of time and meets strict accounting guidelines.  While some may argue that the idea would harm schools due to a loss in property tax – those that fund schools – in reality, the revenues from the company and jobs created would outweigh any disadvantages.
One final idea would be to introduce legislation which would offer day-fines, a fine that is proportionate to the guilty person’s income. A traffic ticket for a Walmart stocker, for example, would be fined percentage wise the same as an investment banker, although the banker would pay more and then improve the citizen’s funding usage.
If it’s broke, fit it, which is what I will do on November 8th.