Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Constitutional amendment and Justice candidates also on ballot

By Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff

There is also a state constitutional amendment and three offices for court justices.
Don’t let yourself be caught off guard, the League of Women Voters has put together a comprehensive voters’ guide. If you don’t understand the constitutional amendment or what the justices do, pay a visit to the LWV voters’ guide. It’s online at lwvduluth.org. Look for the 2016 LWV Duluth Voter Guide on the top third of the page. 

State Constitutional Amendment about
lawmakers’ pay

There will be one proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in Minnesota. Failure to vote on a constitutional amendment will have the same effect as voting no on the amendment.
The issue is about removing Lawmakers’ Power to set their own pay. It reads: Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to remove state lawmakers’ power to set their own salaries, and instead establish an independent, citizens-only council to prescribe salaries of lawmakers?
To vote for a proposed constitutional amendment, fill in the oval next to the word “Yes” on that question. To vote against a proposed constitutional amendment, fill in the oval next to the word “No” on that question.

Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice
There are two candidates running for Supreme Court associate justice: Natalie Hudson and  Michelle MacDonald.
The Minnesota Supreme Court is responsible for establishing legal policy statewide, resolving the most pressing constitutional issues, and setting precedent in complex civil and criminal controversies. Justices reject or accept petitions from lower courts, usually by majority vote. After hearing from the attorneys or litigants in writing and oral argument, the Justices research and write opinions that can be precedent.

Sixth Judicial District Court 13

Theresa Neo, an assistant city attorney in Duluth is running for District Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District in Duluth, Minnesota.

Sixth Judicial District Court 15

Leslie E. Beiers is running. She was appointed to be a Sixth Judicial District Trial Court Judge by Governor Mark Dayton in June of 2014. Pursuant to the Minnesota Constitution she now seeks to be elected to the seat.