Wednesday, October 26, 2016

State Representative District 7A - Jennifer Schultz

I’m Jen Schultz, first-term DFL state legislator representing Duluth in district 7A.  I’m running for re-election to continue my work addressing economic & social injustice. In addition to being a state legislator, I’m an economist at UMD and a mother of two boys.  I’ve worked hard my whole life: by helping my mother – a single parent who struggled to care for me and my sister— by working minimum wage jobs in high school, and by self-funding college and graduate school.
I owe my success to the public education system.  As an economist, I know commitment to education is the cornerstone of economic growth and opportunity.  I pledge to:  fight cuts in education funding to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy, work for funding education from pre-K to graduate programs, and make quality education accessible to all.
My specialty as an economist is health care.  The Affordable Care Act has cut the uninsured in Minnesota by more than 40 percent.  Last year I was appointed to the Governor’s bipartisan Health Care Finance Task Force to continue reform of health care.  I’m eager to continue working in St. Paul to help pass legislation to implement the 33 recommendations of that Task Force and make health care more affordable.
All Minnesotans deserve to live in a growing economy that creates good jobs, not a minimum wage economy that diverts its resources to the rich.  As the only economist in the state legislature I bring a unique approach to problem solving, one based on facts, research, and proven economic science. 
I went to school to become an economist for the people, and I ask for your vote on November 8th, so I can return to St. Paul and continue working for you to keep our state moving forward.

Jennifer Schultz is a State Representative for Duluth, District 7A. She was elected in 2014. Please contact her at;; or on Twitter @RepJenSchultz.