Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Minnesota House District 3B: Timothy Brandon

Timothy Brandon

I would like to thank you for your interest in myself and my campaign. I was not brought up in politics, but was brought up on small business values. I grew up in a family-owned car dealership in Duluth called Chester Park Motors, and learned young about the value of a handshake and integrity. I also attended Lake Superior College during my final year at Proctor High School. I was fortunate to be able to have some of my tuition reimbursed by a state program at that time due to still being a senior. I find extreme value in these programs to help youth find their passions early in life. I attended the Autobody Specialist program and began work at a local Autobody Shop in town. After some years in the autobody world I was able to rent a office from my boss and go full time into the car dealership. Years later after the passing of my father I was fortunate to return to my friend’s business Custom Coach Collision and become a manager for multiple years before returning to take care of my personal businesses. I have been an employee and had employees and feel that my many sides of business can help get our district back on track. We need to start thinking more fiscally and start holding government accountable for our tax money. I will work as hard for the community as I have for my employers, family, and employees. We must find sustainable ways to provide healthcare at reasonable costs to help bring Minnesota forward as the best state in the union. I look forward to discussing and learning about issues while I knock on the many thousands of doors in District 3B.