Sunday, August 01, 2010

Russ Conrow Minnesota Sixth District Court Judge 11 candidate answers The HIllsider Questions

1. Why are you running?
I am currently the Lake County attorney. This judgeship is in Lake and Cook Counties. My office is responsible for most of the work in the Lake County Court, which includes criminal, juvenile, child protection, child support, commitments and all the civil matters that involve the county. I know how important this judgeship is to our communities.

2. Juvenile detention
Lake and Cook Counties do not have a disproportionately high number of children of color in the juvenile system. But one child in the system is too many, which is why we operate an extensive diversion program for first time offenders. While this does not enter them into the system there is still accountability with a probation officer. The Minnesota Juvenile system has a different basis than the adult system. The juvenile system is based upon rehabilitation or redirection and not punishment. There are many good programs in the community before detention. Detention is the last resort unless there is an issue of public safety. I believe the most effective solution to juvenile detention is the prevention of juvenile delinquency by developing healthy interests. That is why I have participated in starting an afterschool wrestling program in the school and an afterschool teaching, homework and play club at our church. These are intended to develop k-5 graders physically, mentally and spiritually, so that we will be healthy and involved in our community and not in our juvenile courtrooms.