Friday, August 06, 2010

Roger Reinert State Senator 7 Candidate

My first term of service in the Legislature has been challenging. Our state faces an ongoing crisis that continues to require us as Duluthians and Minnesotans to set priorities in our spending, and to take a balanced approach to our state budget.

I hope that as a Legislator you've seen what you came to expect from me as a Duluth City Councilor -- someone who does his homework and works very hard on behalf of our community. And in this new role, I hope you have also found me to be a Legislator who made it a priority to communicate with you. I feel strongly that Duluthians have just as much right to know what's going on, when it's going on, as do people living in the Twin Cities.

Despite the challenges, I am proud to have successfully delivered on Duluth's top priorities. In my first term I have:

* Made significant needed investments in sanitary sewer overflow repairs
* Worked to fairly fund assets that benefit our entire region, but for which only Duluthians pay
* Secured funding for a new terminal at the Duluth International Airport
* Funded repairs at the Lake Superior Zoo, putting it on the road to regain accreditation
* Extended tax provisions necessary to bring new high-tech manufacturing jobs to Duluth
* Invested in a new Health Sciences Center at Lake Superior College
* Rejected over $12 million in local government aid cuts to the City of Duluth by the Governor

Still, there is much more work to do. The economy is beginning to recover, but because of past decisions and aging demographics Minnesota will have significant budget issues for the foreseeable future. I am motivated to see this job through. And that's why I'm running for election to the Duluth seat in the Minnesota Senate. I welcome your support, and ask for your vote in the Primary on Tuesday, August 10th.