Monday, August 02, 2010

Harry Welty State Senator 7 Candidate

When our school board stabbed the Hillside in the back by closing its schools and stealing magnet school funding, I spent three years trying to reason with them and when that failed fought them. I once represented much of the Hillside, and my responsibility did not end when I stepped off the school board.

I want my representatives to be courageous and steadfast, and I believe this is what my fellow citizens desire as well. I am not a go-along-to-get-along politician who hides behind others while they do the dirty work. I take myself seriously, but I’m not a stuffed shirt. I’m a small “d” democrat. I don’t believe I’m any better than anyone else, although the people who pulled off the Red Plan have occasionally caused me to doubt this.

My first two priorities upon election will be to have the state help pay for the Red Plan and to outlaw any other Minnesota School Board from abusing their office like the Duluth School Board did when it stole our vote on the Red Plan.
Finally, God bless Mike Jaros.