Sunday, August 01, 2010

Michael J. Cuzzo Minnesota Sixth District Court Judge 11 candidate answers The Hillsider questions

1. Why are you running?
In my 26 years of as a courtroom attorney, I believe I have gained the broad and extensive experience necessary to effectively serve in the position of District Court Judge. I have demonstrated that ability, as I have been called upon to act as Arbitrator and Mediator, helping parties resolve their disputes. I have always represented people from all walks of life, and have demonstrated my ability to be respectful of all people. I want to use these tools I have gained from this background to serve the people as a judge.

2. Juvenile detention
The question of how someone is treated in my court will not be one of color, status, culture, or connections. Decisions will be based upon the law, facts, and individual circumstances surrounding each case. I have been proud to represent people with diverse backgrounds, and will continue to treat all with respect. I will listen to groups that have suggestions to offer on how to improve the justice system, including the juvenile justice system.