Monday, August 02, 2010

Precinct numbers and polling stations

Senate District 7 and House 7B
14 Temple Israel, 1602 E. 2nd St.
18 Central Hillside Community Club, 12 E. 4th St.
19 Rainbow Senior Center (Auditorium), 21 N. 3rd Ave. E.
20 Lafayette Square (upper level), 3026 Minnesota Ave.
21 Duluth Public Library (Green Room), 520 W. Superior St.
22 St. Peter’s Catholic Church (lower level), 818 W. 3rd St.
23 Lincoln Park Senior Center (lower level), 2014 W. 3rd St.
27 St. Lawrence Church, 2410 Morris Thomas Rd.
28 Holy Family Catholic Church (social hall), 2430 W. 3rd St.
29 Harrison Community Club,3002 W. 3rd St.

Senate District 7 and House 7A
9 Pilgrim Congregational Church (lower level), 2310 E. 4th St.
10 UMD Kirby Student Center (Kirby Ballroom), 1120 Kirby Dr.
12 Chester Park United Methodist Church (lower level), 819 N. 18th Ave. E.
13 Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 2012 E. Superior St.
15 Trinity Lutheran Church (avenue entrance), 1108 E. 8th St.
16 Peace United Church of Christ (10th Ave. entrance), 1015 E. 11th St.
17 First United Methodist Church (Social Hall), 230 E. Skyline Pkwy.

Senate District 6 and House 6B
11 Kenwood Lutheran Church (lower level), 324 W. Cleveland St.
24 Holy Cross Lutheran Church (lower level), 410 N. Arlington Ave.
25 Duluth Heights Community Recreation Center, 33 W. Mulberry St.
26 Christ Lutheran Church (lower level), 2415 Ensign St.