Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frank Jewell 1st District County Commissioner Candidate

Why are you running?

Like many residents of St. Louis County, I’ve been distressed to see petty squabbles and personal agendas prevent the County Board from getting the county’s business done. We need change on the county board—we need commissioners who will work cooperatively with each other, with other units of government, and with constituents. I know how to work cooperatively with others to get things done. In these tough economic times, we will need to work creatively and cooperatively to provide the services that residents expect without burdening them with ever-increasing taxes. www.frankjewell.com

Why care about mining and forestry?

[St. Louis County is a huge county, over 6,000 square miles [It is larger than three of our smallest states: Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island]. We have an abundance of natural resources including mining and lumber. Why should people in the core neighborhoods of Duluth be concerned with issues related to mining and forestry?]

Whether it is the quality of our drinking water, the job opportunities our young people need, or the outdoor recreation so many of us enjoy, Duluth’s fate is bound up with the fate of the county. St. Louis County is the largest county east of the Mississippi and one of the most beautiful. The beauty and bounty of our area will only last, however, if we are good stewards of these resources. Mining and forestry are two of our most important industries and employ large numbers of our citizens. It is very important that we keep these jobs and assure that the industries are run in a way that is sustainable and safe for the environment.