Monday, August 02, 2010

James Ross candidate for Minnesota Sixth District Court Judge 11

1. Why are you running?
1. Being chief deputy prosecuting attorney for the last twenty years creates the necessary experience to be Judge. I work in court five days a week. I am NOT a politician. You will not see any political lawn signs from this campaign.
2. Juvenile Detention
2 a. A judge makes the most difference when dealing with juveniles. I have been handling juvenile law cases my entire career. It is true, most of these cases deal with children of color.
A judge needs to take an active role with the children and make a personal connection with each child. When the judge and the attorneys make a personal connection with the case, the child knows it. This creates accountability on both sides, the judge’s and the child.
Once the court understands how each child has a different past, she/he can then apply the appropriate criteria and standard to assist the child in not returning to the court system. Surprisingly, most adults do not get this. Patience and tolerance are what I stand for.
2 b. In my opinion, as an experienced courtroom attorney, juvenile detention is over used. Separating a child from a family is simply too traumatic. Problems and issues can be addressed immediately on site.
Greater reliance on peers, elders and community is needed. Every family problem need not be dragged into the court system. All the above can only happen through an effective Judge. This is why experience is so necessary in this position. Do note vote simply on how many lawn signs a person has littered about the city. Vote for me, James Ross, because I am the most qualified person for the job!