Monday, August 02, 2010

Rilla Debot Opelt State Senator 7 Candidate

I’m running for state senate because our system is designed to work with citizen involvement and representation. I believe citizens have the right to choose the candidate who will best represent their interests at the state level. I am running to give citizens of Senate 7 the choice to vote for a strong advocate for individual rights, family and parental rights, property rights, free market enterprise, pro-life and fiscal responsibility.
I supported a family of eight on a secretary’s salary, with NO debt. My husband lost his job first when the steel plant closed and then when National Iron closed and at age 54 he couldn’t find work. We had a house payment, but no loans, no credit cards. We succeeded because our policy was “if we can’t pay for it, we don’t buy it.” I believe the government must do the same. State government must encourage a positive business climate. Business pays taxes and creates jobs. Jobs mean citizens can support themselves and pay taxes. The state government must stop spending money it does not have.
I make one promise. If I am elected I will keep YOU informed of what’s happening in the state senate, I will listen to YOUR concerns and I will represent YOUR interests!
I am NOT a politician. This is NOT a “career” or a “job” for me. It’s my chance to serve.
I am running because I am ready and willing to use my knowledge, experience and expertise to serve the people of Senate District 7.
Questions? Just call.
Rilla DeBot Opelt, 1004 87th Ave. W., Duluth MN 55808