Monday, June 08, 2009

Naomi celebrates three years with "The Hillsider"

Top Photo - First row: Claudie Washington - board member and Naomi Yaeger - editor/general manager. Back row: Rick Sailstad - fiscal manager and Scott Yeazle - vice president of the board

Middle Photo: Wendy Grethen - proofreader and moral support and Naomi Yaeger

Bottom Photo: Terry Larson (Naomi's husband), Naomi Yaeger, and Terry Brown (Wendy's husband).

Hi Everyone!

I was surprised tonight during a regular meeting of the board when friends Wendy Grethen and Terry Brown popped in with an ice-cream cake to help me celebrate three years as editor/general manager of "The Hillsider".

Wendy mentioned that its a feat to publish 36 continuous issues of the paper. I am proud and happy to celebrate this milestone. I give Wendy lots of credit as more than just a proofreader, but a someone to depend on for moral support and to help out when the going gets rough. When I had ill family members and needed to be out of town, Wendy took the paper to the printers and helped make sure it got distributed.

I enjoy my role and look for to many more issues.


P.S. See post 2 years ago.