Thursday, June 25, 2009

On blogging and updates

Nicholas Carlson opens his door as Amanda Leppke, an employee of Green Duluth, and Mayor Don Ness, knock on the first door for this program which will inform Duluth residents on how much energy they use and how they can cut energy costs.

Yesterday I took an online blogging course for journalists. I have a couple blogs and keeping them up is a challenge. I am thinking about posting a little bit every day. The leader of the course suggested making the blog much more personal. So I could keep people posted on what the editor of the Hillsider is doing.

Well, yesterday I worked on selling a couple more ads and I went to a press conference about Green Duluth. The July issue will have a story written by John Doberstein about youth ages 18 to 24 who are working to help our town save energy while gaining work experience at the same time.

Today I received an email newsletter from Lois Hoffbauer, she is over at the Farmers Market in East Hillside. She and her husband, Doug, have a cool website named "". I have also added them as a Duluth link on the sidebar.