Friday, June 26, 2009

Organic hair care on London Road

Lisa Casperson cuts a customer's hair at her new shop located at 1427 London Rd. She dubs herself, "The Wizard of Wash 'n Wear Hair".

On Wednesday I decided to walk to my chiropractor appointment which is on London Road. When you walk you really see more things.

On the walk back I stopped by to visit of London Road Party Express. I spoke to owner/manager Cathy Kortesmaki. We talked about the public meeting for London Road which was scheduled for that night. (I didn't attend.) One thing we both agree on is that a stop light is needed at 17th Avenue East so that pedestrians get across the street and onto a little know lakewalk access.

Well, I DID cross the street and what did I see but a sign that said "Wizard of Wash and Wear Hair" and "organic products" for hair care. I'm all for that. In the July issue there will be a Biz Buzz blurb story about Lisa Casperson"The Art of Hair" located on 1427 London Rd.

(The only person I knew who is doing organic or natural hair care is Adeline, (who I go to). She is on the 1300 block of First Street.)

Her husband Carl Casperson has the space upstairs and has his business, Lakewalk Bookshop. He was busy painting when I was there.

Watch for their blurb and an in the July issue.