Saturday, July 04, 2009

Touring Duluth's western side

Captions: Rebecca and Mom walking the trail behind Indian Hills Campground. The Gate sculpture at Thompson Hill Information Center. A special map put together by Wendy Grethen and Terry Brown.

Yesterday my mom, daughter and I did some sightseeing. We went over to the Munger Inn on Grand Avenue to walk part of the Munger Trail which is can be accessed behind the Inn.

We just walked a little bit of the the trail. Mostly just around the Indian Point Campground. It was pretty fun. Mom is older now and tires out easily. She had a heart valve replacement a few months ago. It is hard for me to realize that she can't keep up with me and my daughter as most of my life she had more energy than I.

After our little jaunt around Indian Hills we drove to Morgan Park. I wanted her to see this planned community built by U.S. Steel. Then we went up to Thompson Hill Travel Information Center to see the view and to pick up a Skyline Map that my friend Wendy and her husband, Terry Brown, had designed. (Wendy is our proofreader). The couple is active in the Skyline Planning Preservation and Alliance. There is a nice display sign there, but you have to specifically ask for the brochure/map of Skyline Parkway. The Information Center keeps them behind the counter.

We drove onto Skyline Parkway and our timing was just right to see the Tall Ship pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge. There were also some low-hanging clouds hovering over Lake Superior and the Lift Bridge. That was pretty cool to see. She photo on Duluth Daily Photo.

Our next stop was Enger Tower and the Japanese garden. On the way back from Enger Tower Park we saw people swimming at the Twin Ponds.

By that time we had worked up and appetite so we stopped at the Grape Vine Cafe downtown Duluth. The Grape Vine Cafe has purchased some ads with the Hillsider. The cafe is owned by the Livadaros family. I usually talk to Debbie or Christina. Mom and I had lamb hamburgers with Greek potatoes. Rebecca had spanakopita.

After we were done we noticed some Hillsider still hadn't been distributed. Mom "rode shotgun" while I got the papers out to major spots along Superior Street and London Road. I want to make sure the tourists can pick them up for our advertisers' benefit. And of course I want the locals to see it too.

Well enough our our bussman's tour.

Hope you have a Happy Independence Day.