Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday Distribution

Today is Thursday.

Yesterday I got the Hillsider printed. On my way back from printing the paper in Carlton I stopped at major spots in West Duluth and Lincoln Park. I put papers at Perkin's West, Lakehead Travel Station (BP), Duluth Grill, Burger King and the Salvation Army Community Center. I went into Spur, but I didn't leave any there. That spot has not been fruitful for us. There are just too many other papers there and no space. We used to have a rack there but it was squeezed into a corner and out of sight for many.

Duluth Grill made a shelf for all the papers and we have a section there for Hillsiders. It is a great distribution site and I am always so grateful for businesses that make room for us.

(Another business that has shelves for free papers and a shelf for us is Cub. Yeah!)

I also left several Bundles at the Damiano Center for Scott Y. our vice president to distribute in many areas downtown. I had a good chat with Debbie of NHS...(I can't remember her last name, but NOT Debbie Nelson) She helps a lot at the Twin Port Action Coalition as well as working at NHS.

I continued down Forth Street so there are now papers at Uncle Loui's, Whole Food Co-op, Members Community Credit Union and Burrito Union.

There are some kids going to summer school so I also left about 50 with Stephanie Heilig, the principal of Nettleton, we had a nice talk about what kinds of stories to submit to the Hillsider.

Our board member Carolyn Dillman, who work's at St. Luke's, just returned from a trip to China. I brought 200 papers over to her.

Bruce Howell, our board president, picked up papers to take up the hill. And Claudie should be picking up papers to distribute along Superior Street and London Road.

Today I will finish getting the papers to the rest of Duluth.

Let me know if you know of a good distrubtion spot.