Thursday, July 30, 2009

Naomi’s Notes

August is the last month of summer. It is the last month before little kids start school and college students return...our last hurrah of easy living. It takes a harsh, cold environment to really appreciate beautiful weather.

Our neighborhoods are changing. Sometimes people make unkind remarks about newcomers or people of other races. Our July certainly wasn’t easy living for some.

How do you feel about the mix, or lack of mixing, of the races in Duluth? I often hear people complain about people of other races moving into Duluth. I say to them, “Well you know, that’s why I moved to Duluth. My husband and I moved here because we thought life would be good here. No one told us we didn’t belong here.”

If you grew up here I would venture to guess that unless you are Native American, your ancestors thought the Zenith City would be a good place to live.

If I am honest, I must admit that I am not without my own prejudices. I know they are wrong and they are hard to break. I sometimes see life differently than my neighbors.
Some people say we have too many public benefit programs. You would be a fool not to take advantage of a better life. Now that we have people in Duluth wanting a better life, lets welcome them. Let’s encourage our businesses to hire people of different races.

I belong to a business-networking group and the motto is: the pie is big enough for us to all get a piece.

Get to know someone who was raised in a different background than your own.
Start by attending the Neighborhood Night Out events on Tues., Aug 4. See our calendar on page 11 for details.