Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is why we live here: or I'm not tourist, I live in the Hillside!

Captions: Rebecca, her friend Alexis, and Prof. Cricket just on the outskirts of the Rose Garden (No Dogs Allowed). Mom at Brighten Beach. Rebecca with her dessert at Valentini's Restaurant.

Today is a Perfect Duluth Day.

Today is beautiful. I am inside updating the Hillsider Facebook. Lots of people have "friended" the Hillsider and I needed to get back to them. Monday it will be back to the ole grind. Let me know if you have story ideas. Or distribution ideas. And please leave comments.

Did you watch the fireworks last night? Duluth is so beautiful. We watched them by sitting near the I-35 tunnels over looking Leif Erikson Park. Did you get some good firework photos? I didn't. I'd love to see yours. Please send them in and I will post them on the blog.

The evening of the Fourth was a beautiful evening. As we walked home some people up on an apartment roof near London Road and Superior were yelling something at us. Something about being tourists. I wanted to yell back, "I'm not tourist. I live in the Hillside!" Or "I'm not a tourist, but I play one on the weekends."

Weekends like this one is why we live in Duluth.

This morning my daughter met a college friend at the Rose Garden, after they had looked at the roses I brought our dog down. I noticed that people were sitting on the patio at Valentini's patio. That looked fun. So mom, my daughter and I had a light lunch on the patio. There weren't many people there, but the waitress said people didn't realize they were open on Sundays because this was only the third Sunday they had been open. Here is a wonderful restaurant a few blocks from home.

We aren't big eaters so Rebecca got a salad and mom and I split some ravioli. After we were finished the waitress came out with a plate of beautifully arranged and delicious looking desserts. Whoa! They looked good. So we split some chocolate cake and each had a scoop of ice cream.

Such is the life, eating chocolate cake with ice-cream on a patio overlooking Lake Superior. (We all watch our we definitely needed to cut that cake in thirds.)

We then took the car up to Brighten Beach so Mom could get out and walk along the rocky lake shore. On the way up London Road Mom wanted to know what all the traffic in the other lane was about. "That's the tourists going back to the Twin Cities," I told her.

Well, mom and Rebecca went home. "Do you get sad when family from out-of-town leaves?" Mom asked me. You know, I used to get sad when I lived in other towns and visitors left. I used to get lonely. But Duluth, well no, I don't get too sad. Duluth fits me. There's a variety of people living here and they are always doing something interesting, the summers are beautiful, I have friends and I get to play tourist by walking out my door.