Friday, August 29, 2008

Roger Reinert, DFL, statement

In order to be a strong state, Minnesota needs strong cities.
The reason I am running for this MN House seat is that the difficult issues we are facing here in Duluth all require St. Paul’s help, partnership or permission in some way. Every major issue - solving retiree health care, improving our streets, stopping sewer overflows, fixing the zoo, restoring parks and library services – requires us to be successful at the Capitol. We need someone in St. Paul who knows these issues inside and out. I do. That’s why I’m running.
These are serious times. This election gives us the opportunity to send someone to the Legislature with proven legislative experience and a record of accomplishment. A leader who can work with people they may not agree with in order to get things done. A qualified Representative who is ready to hit the ground running in January and fight for Duluth.
In the Legislature I will be an advocate for our natural resources. I believe we must restore Minnesota’s position as the nation’s leader in education and it’s about time everyone had affordable health care. Our infrastructure needs attention now more than ever. I’ll make sure that happens. And, with experienced leadership and a focus on our core industries, we’ll continue attracting good living wage jobs to our region.
Specific initiatives I will pursue in the 2009 Legislative session are:
- Funding for the holding tanks necessary to stop our sanitary sewer overflow problems
- A solution to the Great Lakes Aquarium that makes the state a partner
- Fully funding local government aid to Duluth and St. Louis County
- Increasing Municipal State Aid to Duluth for street repairs
- Funding the necessary training dollars for Duluth Police and Fire
- Establishing Duluth to Minneapolis passenger rail
- Connecting the Munger and Lakewalk trails
- Coordinating state assistance for the next phases of the Heritage Hockey Center
Thank you for being involved in this Primary election and thank you for caring about the future of Duluth.
Roger Reinert, DFL Candidate, MN House 7B