Friday, August 29, 2008

Cole’s response to Hillsider Questionnaire

1. Affordable health care
I believe that our whole health care system is too profit oriented and not focused on developing healthy living. A single payer system needs to be developed that allows everyone to have health care.
2. Livable wage
I do support raising the minimum wage to at least $9 p/hr. Is that a realistic amount is all dependent on the ability of a business to still make a profit and stay in business. Providing incentives to encourage business to pay livable wages is more cost effective than subsidies. Working to better educate/train workers is a key to motivating employers to pay a livable wage. Both the worker and employer will benefit from an educated workforce some employers do not understand or put value on educating workers. I will work to create laws that will require employers to put a higher value on education/training.
3. Federal and state aid to cities, and taxes
I believe we as individuals need to take more responsibility in choosing to help others. We live in a very selfish society and the government is not the solution to pay and help. The government can create laws to encourage the private sector and individuals to help and there are business models that would be win/win for all parties affected by government cuts. Costs are going up on everything and creating partnerships between nonprofits, business, and government is the best way to solve our problems.
4. Racial inequities
Educating the public about these unfair racial inequities is a start, creating tougher laws, and creating livable wage jobs. There are other solutions out there which will require me educating myself about them and talking to more individuals about better ways to solve the problem.