Friday, August 29, 2008

Jay Cole, statement

“Life Is Choice” Duluth
Duluth needs a leader who will work to get behind the Values most important to the taxpayers of Duluth. I believe in the values of fairness, responsibility, equality, and equity for all.
1. I believe that we need universal/single payer health care in Minnesota.
2. Housing is important to allow individuals stability in their lives.
3. Small business is the foundation of our economy and we need to reduce government regulations.
4. I believe we need to be responsible for our environment and not abuse it with chemicals.
5. Our schools need to be accountable and truthful to the Taxpayer and parents more involved in the schools.
6. Every individual has a right to livable wages.
7. I believe in working to get citizens involved in the political process and government decision-making.
8. I believe individuals need to be held accountable for decisions they make that affect others.
9. I believe biblical values are the foundation to successful living.
Contact: Phone 218-213-3939 or Email: