Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcom back college students, spaghetti dinner

Residents all over Duluth will get new neighbors this month as college students make their annual return to town. Lake Superior College started on Monday, Aug. 25, while both UMD and College of St. Scholastica start on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Reaching Out to Neighbors Nips Problems in the Bud

Getting to know your neighbors can go a long way toward preventing problems. Chester Park United Methodist Church is working to foster good relationships by serving a Good-Neighbor Spaghetti Dinner. Students - along with their parents and friends - and long-time residents are encouraged to attend on Sunday, Aug. 31 anytime between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The church is located at 819 N. 18th Ave. E., one-half block uphill from East Eighth Street.

If you live in a neighborhood with student residents, please consider hosting a neighborhood gathering that includes your new and current student neighbors as well as your long-term neighbors. Parties have ranged from large potlucks to simply asking people to stop in, say hello and have an ice cream cone. As with National Night Out, traditionally, this is an alcohol-free family event. These gatherings traditionally take place on the Sunday after Labor Day (Sept. 7 this year), however, any time during the first two weeks of September would probably work.
UMD will reimburse residents who host neighborhood gatherings for up to $50 of their expenses. To qualify for reimbursement, you must register your event in advance with UMD by calling Cheryl Anderson at 726-6790.

For questions, call Sandy Robinson at 393-9329. Or, contact The Campus Neighbors Advisory Group at P.O. Box 3262, Duluth, MN 55803-3262, phone 724-4389, email campusneighborsATgmail DOT com.

A simple exchange of phone numbers between students and long-term residents can help ease future tensions. Most students would prefer to receive a phone call from you informing them that they are a little too loud instead of a visit from the police.
Additional police squads will be in place for the last weekend of August and the first two weekends in September to handle house party and neighborhood disturbances. If the situation does get out of hand call 911 for a squad to respond. Community Officer Bill Eickhoff recommends giving your name and number to the dispatcher and asking to have the responding officer call you. If a house becomes a chronic nuisance, please call Officer Eickhoff at 730-5563 to discuss options for resolving the issue. Central Hillside residents may phone Officer Barry Midthun at 730-5564. Leave a message as they may not be at their desks.
Officer Eickhoff will speak at the September 16 Campus Neighbors meeting.