Friday, August 29, 2008

Clokey’s response to Hillsider Questionnaire

1. Healthcare
The first thing I would do is recognize the fact that perhaps enough is being spent on this issue, but perhaps not serving those who truly need it. Access is available, but if we continue to have doctors and dentists who can selectively say that they will not accept an MA patient adequate access no longer matters. It is understandable that healthcare costs have gone through the roof. The money however is simply ending upon the hands of the insurer or the pharmaceutical companies interested in making a buck. Those funds need to be returned to the provider and should result in quality care for all in need of medical and dental services.

2. Livable wage
The first thing would be to do whatever we could to promote HEALTHY job growth in our community. First, YES we should be able to help those employers to help their employees. Second, I would focus on the quality of jobs coming to our area vs. quantity. 300 new jobs look great on the front page of a paper. But if all those jobs only pay $6.50, then what are we really telling our community?

3. Federal and state aid to cities, and taxes
I can offer TRUE FOCUS ON INVESTMENT...As for youth; cuts continue to be made across the board when it comes to youth. Then quite often we hear the crime among youth is on the rise. Funding that can be restored to such program as the family resources centers and similar programs are vital to those across our state. When centers like ours where shut down statewide, it literally disconnected families and youth, many in vulnerable situations.
I do believe in tax caps for seniors with limited and fixed incomes. The idea that we, at any level, should see it necessary to keep asking more from those who simply do not have it, simply makes no sense to me.

4. Racial inequities
WE ADDRESS THE INEQUALITIES HONESTLY...there are so many out there who have been sucked into the idea that women are not as smart, or blacks always commit more crimes, or native americans always drink.... I have heard them all. Until we as community recognize the value and blessings that we have in our neighbor, equality will never happen. Until we have a true enforcement tool attached to employment and fair housing, discrimination will happen. I would promote this legislation in St. Paul as well as continue to encourage those in our community already taking an honest and sincere these issues are solved best when they start at home and in the heart.