Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anti-war,Tea Party groups both oppose too much gov’t spending

CAPTIONS: On April 15, Tax Day, the Northland Anti War Coalition sponsored a rally at the Minnesota Power Plaza. Here they are walking toward Bayfront Festival Park.
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A sign at the Tea Party at Bayfront Festival Park on April 15.
Photo by Celia Scheer

For the second year Tea Party was held on tax day, April 15. People turned out for a chance to be heard and to let our representatives know we support smaller government and personal freedom. We invited representatives from the area, including northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Only one candidate came to hear us: Chip Cravaak, running against Oberstar for the 8th District Congressional seat.

The Tea Party message is one of liberty, to restore and preserve economic liberty and the United States Constitution. As far as other issues, it is true that some Tea Party attendees support some things and others do not. During the Tea Party, the Northland Anti-War Coalition came with signs of their own. Some Tea Party attendees were offended by this, but I thought this could have been our chance to find common ground.

We currently have upwards of 700 bases in foreign countries around the world; over two-thirds of the world has at least one U.S. base in their country. Why do we have so many bases? Building an empire and policing the world is very expensive. Here is where we both can agree, war protesters and Tea Party attendees alike. You can support the troops but still acknowledge we have too many of them in way too many places. We really cannot afford it. We can all agree on that.

In Liberty,
Celia Scheer, member of the Northern Liberty Alliance