Monday, April 05, 2010

15th Annual “Clean and Green Duluth” set citizens asked to lend a hand April 17-24th

Asking Duluthians to lend a hand in cleaning up the city’s public green space, Mayor Don Ness announced the date of the 15th Annual “Clean and Green Duluth” city-wide clean up week is April 17-24th.

“We’ve really received a great response from Duluthians to this annual project and we’re asking for the best turnout yet,” Mayor Ness said “Our goal is to spruce up Duluth for the coming of another spring and summer season.”

Last year, hundreds of Duluthians turned out to help clean up city parks, trails and other Duluth public areas, either as parts of over 30 neighborhood groups who “adopted” a favorite area of the city, or acting as private citizens.

In addition, other Duluthians cleaned up their own private property. Mayor Ness requested that citizens who plan to do the same this year use their regular waste hauler or Western Lake Superior Sanitary District facilities to dispose of refuse. Many waste haulers offer services for those who can’t transport their waste or require other assistance. “Citizens who are cleaning up their houses and yards should contact their waste hauler to dispose of bulky materials or utilize the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District’s Materials Recovery Center located on Rice Lake Road, the Yard Waste Composting Site and the Household Hazardous Waste Facility which are both located at 27th Avenue West,” Mayor Ness said. “City crews have the big job of picking up waste from public areas, but will not be collecting waste from private property. Using WLSSD facilities will ensure that refuse is taken care of quickly, and not stacked up on curbs and boulevards. ”

If you or your group would like to participate in this years "Clean and Green" please contact Amy Norris, Public Information Coodinator for the City of Duluth at